The BEACH ASSESSMENT is a research product and  it is an independent and holistic evaluation tool


BA is aimed at Operators delegatee, Consortium o Cooperative of operators, Municipalities, Union of Municipalities, Landscape Observatories and to the Community, to all those who are concerned with achieving the objectives of environmental sustainability.


Scientific Coordinator is  Donatella Diolaiti, Project Coordinator is Davide Precisvalle, Project Supervisor  are Iris Visentin and Massimo Antonello Russo.


Beach Assessment is the result of a research and development process for the definition of a beach assessment system, aimed at building a rating of certification.

The multidisciplinary and shared design is the basis of the research work strategy that led to the drafting of this product. Combining sustainable tourism with an integrated management represents a value for the

Community. From this point of view the beach takes on a more contemporary and international definition: the concept of the common good is at the base of this virtuous and innovative scientific development.

Interest that has led to the formation of the interest group is collaborated and arises from the coordination between the scientific world, private subjects and public bodies. These stakeholders share a common mission in terms of ethics, commitment and civic responsibility.